Two Big Reasons to Use Facebook for Your Nonprofit


Whether your nonprofit is brand new or it’s been around for a while, one thing is for certain – your passion for your project. You want to make a difference and you’ve realized you need something more to help you get the word out. Flyers, postcard invitations, newsletters in the mail and word of mouth only go so far. They can also be expensive and a lot of work. So what’s the next step? How can you get more people to get involved with your nonprofit?

Enter Facebook. Facebook is one of the most user-friendly, effective social media platforms with a massive audience just waiting for you to get in touch with them. By creating a Facebook page account for your nonprofit, you are giving yourself the keys to the kingdom – you are opening the door to communication with people in your community.

Reasons to use Facebook for your nonprofit:

#1: You want (or need) more donors. In 2020 so far, older adult Facebook users are the fastest growing group of people turning to Facebook. Every demographic uses Facebook and social media in general, but recent research shows not everyone goes about it in the same way. Baby Boomers, for example, still like direct mail and phone calls, but once they know you’re on Facebook and send emails, they adopt it quickly.

Here’s another fact: 30% of donors aged 75+ say they have given online in the last 12 months and on average, they give 25% more frequently than younger generations. With the latest numbers reflecting that older adults are flocking to Facebook, it's a good time to make your nonprofit's Facebook page a priority.

Research also shows that 21% of Baby Boomers give through Facebook fundraising tools, while Gen Xers are most likely to fundraise on behalf of a cause, make a pledge, and volunteer their time to an organization - opportunities you can share with them via your organization's Facebook page, since Gen Xers also regularly stay up on their social media feeds.

The reason these statistics matter to you is because using Facebook is FREE. Because your donors can find you easily on Facebook, and they can follow your nonprofit’s page where you post consistently, your nonprofit can regularly be at the forefront of their minds. 

Facebook unlocks the door for your donors to give – and give more as you continue to consistently build your relationship with them through social media. Social media helps your donors get to know, like and trust your organization – a crucial combination for securing financial support.

#2: You want to serve more people. A 2019 study showed that around three-quarters (74%) of U. S. adults visit Facebook at least once a day - that figure is higher than Instagram users (63%) and Snapchat users (61%) who visit those sites at least daily. By posting regularly on your nonprofit’s social media pages about your services and how you help people, you have the opportunity to reach a significant number of people for free, or at a very low cost. If you choose to do any advertising on Facebook, your audience will expand even more. 

Think about it, if you choose not to use Facebook for your nonprofit, that’s a huge audience left untapped - people’s lives you could have changed. 

Now, you might be thinking, “I have lots of reasons why I don’t want to use social media for my nonprofit.”

  • Facebook is hard to figure out and confusing.
  • There’s too much competition, our nonprofit won’t be seen.
  • I don’t know what to post.

Those might be daunting obstacles, but that’s all they are. Speed bumps. You can get over those – you just have to keep moving forward.

If you know you should use Facebook (or any other social media) for your nonprofit but don’t know where to start, you have a choice. You can stay where you are and keep doing what you’ve always done, or you can take one step, pivot and start on a new path. A new path that can lead you to significant growth. You can’t learn everything about social media in a week – and you don’t need to. Using social media for your nonprofit is an ongoing learning process. That’s why Unlocking Your Nonprofit Potential is here – for YOU.

Don’t keep missing out on the opportunity to build relationships with your donors, and people who need your help. Decide today that you’re going to start reaching your audience where they're already spending time – on Facebook. 

Here’s some good news, too: You don’t have to do it alone – get the tools and help you need so you can help more people and raise more money. Subscribe now to the Unlocking Your Nonprofit Potential blog


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