3 Tips for a Great Social Media Post

Real talk: It hurts my heart when I see nonprofits on social media that haven’t posted in a month… or two… or three. It’s a missed opportunity to reach people who need your help.

Going hot and cold is one of the worst things you can do when it comes to marketing on Facebook and Instagram. The foundation of any powerful social media presence is consistency.

With just 1 post a week, you can have an effective social media presence and reach more people who need your help. You just have to make that post a good one.

What makes a good post?

Step 1. Add an appealing picture. No toilets, no crying people, no death, or freaky weird pictures, no trickery, and no images with more than about 20 words. If you have a nonprofit that deals with sensitive issues, you are not going to win over new followers by posting depressing or distressing pictures.

Remember, you are trying to engage your current followers and attract new people too. What would they like to see? What can they relate to? Put yourself in their shoes and think about what kinds of posts stay with you when you see them. Shocking people with graphic images or words that feel like a punch in the face does not build “know, like and trust” feelings from people you serve or from your donors.  Focus on the positive things your nonprofit does.

Step 2. Add a caption. Write 1-2 sentences to go along with your picture and then add your nonprofit’s phone number or website address. 

When creating a post, Facebook tells you that if you include a caption (where it says “Write a post…”) your post is more likely to have better engagement. That means you are more likely to get likes, comments and shares, and reach more people than if you just posted a picture with no caption.

Don’t overthink it. Just get to the point – say what you want to say. For inspiration, look at the example post below.

Step 3. Add your contact info. Including your organization’s website or phone number is a critical part of a good post. Why? If you want someone who sees your post to call you or visit your website, you have to tell them how to do that.  Tell them your contact info – that way they can visit your website or call you with just the tap of a button. Make it easy for them to reach out to you. 

Instagram Tip: Links do not work in Instagram captions. If you type in a link, it appears as plain text – there will not be any clickable link with your post. If you are posting on Instagram, still include phone number and website address in your caption, but also add: “Link in profile.” Using these three little words is the accepted method on Instagram to direct people to a link you have added to your nonprofit’s profile. 

If you want someone who sees your post to call you or visit your website, you have to tell them how to do that – in every single post. Tell them your contact info, and then tell them they can find it in your profile with the words “Link in profile” – there, they can contact you with just the tap of a button. 

Easy is the name of the game for social media users. If it’s too hard to figure out how to contact you, they’re likely to just keep scrolling. Reminder - make sure your Instagram profile is up to date with all your contact info.

Example post:

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