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Episode 9:  How to Train a Volunteer to Help You Post

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Chances are, if you’re working part of a nonprofit, you have a big to-do list that never ends. And let me guess, social media is always one of those nagging things on that list, right? 

Today, I’m going to give you a few steps you can take to train a volunteer to help you with Facebook and Instagram posts and give you more time to check other things off that to-do list!

First things first – taking care of your organization’s social media is not a job for just any warm body. There are three qualities to look for in that person.

  1. They have to have a passion for your cause
  2. It’s important that they are not intimidated by social media 
  3. They are a person you like working with

Does anyone you know to mind? You might have found the right person to help you with social media.

“Help” is the key word there - you’re looking for help, not someone to do it all for you.

No one knows your organization better than you, and no one is more passionate about your organization than you are. You are the heart and soul of it. You can have someone help you with social media and help you come up with ideas, but it’s a good idea to stay involved in what is being posted, at least until your volunteer is fully trained.

Be sure to set expectations. Show examples of the kind of posts you want. Decide your “call to action.” Have your new social media helper listen to this podcast - it will help them understand your strategy, mission, and how to communicate that to others through social media. 

Keys to making things effective and efficient:

  1. Give your volunteer a clear picture of who your audience is by sharing your notes from the ideal customer quiz from Episode 7. Your helper needs to know who the post is being written for - that makes all the difference.
  2. Come up with a schedule. For example, tell them you want to have posts go out on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  3. Practice in a Word document. On Monday, the volunteer can sit down and plan out what those two posts will be. By creating posts in Word, changes can be made and you can approve or edit them before they go out. Have your volunteer save the large sized photos/graphics for posts in a file for easy uploading to Facebook and Instagram.

Remember, you are making a difference in your community, don’t shortchange that! Don’t pass off your social media to someone who doesn’t care –social media matters. 

Your consistent presence and clear message are often times a first impression to your community.

This is YOUR MISSION. You have a passion for this, and Facebook and Instagram can expand your reach to more people. Use social media as a tool. Be bigger and better with the help of a volunteer!

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