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Episode 8:  Instagram 101

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It seems like everybody likes Instagram, but not everybody knows how to use it. Even some of the smartest, brightest, most tech-savvy people I know still get confused on how to use Instagram

Today, we are walking you through the very basics. Yes, Instagram 101. We’ll talk about the most important parts, the things you should be doing on a regular basis when you’re posting for your nonprofit, and I’ve got some tips on making sure the people in your local area see your posts.

First things first, Instagram is designed to be used on your phone. You can sign into your Instagram account on a computer, but it’s confusing to use and some parts of it don’t even work on a computer, so get in the habit of using it on your phone.

Instagram has two main features – the Feed and Stories. The Feed is the big square pictures you see as soon as you open up the app. It’s where all the pictures show up from the people you follow. When you create a new post on your profile, it appears in the Feed.

Stories are in that little line of circle pictures above the Feed.  

The biggest difference between the Feed and Stories, is that Stories only last for 24 hours and then they are deleted. Each person’s story is only 15 seconds long, max, but you can record an entire series of 15 second stories and they will play like one long one.

Just like on Facebook, you need to have a great Instagram profile that has all of your contact information, your website, your address, a great bio – because when people discover you on Instagram, they will be heading to your profile to learn more about you. Be sure to include at least your city and state.

An example of a great Instagram bio for a kids’ after school program: “Helping kids build self-confidence with fitness.”

Here are 4 things to keep in mind as you recycle your Facebook posts into Instagram posts:

  1. Make your captions Instagram-friendly.
  2. Add hashtags. Use popular local hashtags, like #InBend or #BoiseLife
  3. Add a location.
  4. Post to your Story.

Tip: To delete something from your story like the date, text, emoji, location or something - just hold down on it with your finger and drag it to the trash can that appears.

Challenge: Search for a popular public place in your area and like 5 photos from people that recently checked in there.

Send me an email! I’d love to hear what questions you have!

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