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Episode 7:  Who Is Your Ideal Customer Portrait?

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Ok my friend… today we’re talking about the Ideal Customer Portrait.  Some people call it an Ideal Customer Avatar, or just Ideal Customer, but, an Ideal Customer Portrait is the term used to describe the person who represents your audience.  If you could picture the person who best represents your audience, the people you’re aiming to serve, what would that person be like? 

Identifying your Ideal Customer is the ultimate exercise in EMPATHY! You will put yourself in someone else’s shoes to better understand EXACTLY who they are, and you will be AMAZED at how much easier it is to do things like WRITE A SOCIAL MEDIA POST! Advertise for a class or an event… PLAN an event… OR ASK FOR MONEY!

The thing that sets nonprofits apart is that they have more than one audience. That is the reason why social media, websites and marketing is such a challenge!

I’ve got a great illustration about an airport in the podcast this week.  Take a listen and you’ll be ready to take the Quiz to better understand who your Ideal Customer is which will help you know how to talk to them and craft that perfect post.

There are three keys to unlocking your Ideal Customer Portrait:

  • Demographic Information – age, gender, married, work and such things
  • Geographic Information – where they live, involved in community, things like that
  • Psychographic Overview – what are their problems, fears, how often they use social media

In the podcast, I have some enlightening and fun examples to show you how this information makes a huge difference when you want to market to them. 

I have FREE downloadable exercise for you today.  It’s a QUIZ you can answer that will give you an ideal portrait of one of your customers. 

 As I said in the podcast, nonprofits might have three or four ideal customer avatars – people you serve, volunteers, donors, supporters.  You can fill out the quiz for each of your audiences! 

Remember, you’ve got this! Every time you feel overwhelmed by something, especially if it’s new, just remind yourself of WHY you are doing this! Because you want to reach the people you want to serve! Because you want to make a difference!

I just want to remind you one last time, especially if you’re just starting off, YOU CAN DO THIS! And I’m going to be here to help you along the way!

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