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Episode 6:  Handling Comments

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When you’re the administrator, or “admin,” of a Facebook page or Instagram account, knowing how to handle COMMENTS is a big deal. Today, we’ve got tips and tricks that will help you get the hang of engaging with your audience in the comments section!

Comments are a good thing because…

  • A member of your audience is interacting with you - that means they are interested!
  • It’s a chance to make a good first impression
  • It’s an opportunity to reinforce a positive experience with your brand
  • Positive interactions make them want to keep coming back 

It’s important to reply to comments on your nonprofit’s page AS your page – not from your personal account. Click here to download our free step-by-step instructions on how to make sure you’re replying as your page!

Handling comments on your nonprofit page

  Negative comments

  • Controversy? Try not to respond, do not engage with them
  • You can hide or delete negative comments and even BAN them from your page – you have the power!
  • Report meanies to Facebook

  Positive comments

  • When someone comments on your post, be sure to “like it” or even LOVE it to acknowledge them! 
  • Hit REPLY on their comment to reply directly to them
  • Make your response personal
  • Be genuine
  • It shows your audience that you are viewing the post and your page – that you care
  • It tells people that interaction is welcome!


How to make the most of comments

#1 Use their name – they like hearing their name, it creates a positive emotion in their mind

#2 Always use an opportunity to tag someone else

#3 Be a fantastic, helpful person you wish you had the pleasure of interacting with

Just remember, not everything has to be perfect! If you mess up, you can always delete your comment (or someone else’s) and start over. Just try, practice and do your best. You will figure it out, grow and learn by trying and doing. You CAN do it! 

With just a little time and dedication, this will all become second nature! Confidence will come! Keep taking those baby steps and before you know it, you’ll see how far you’ve come!

P.S. Remember to download the free step-by-step instructions on How to Reply and Comment AS your page – not your personal profile. Download it here:

P.P.S. You can do this! You got this! YEAHHH!!! Go forth and conquer, my friend!


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