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Episode 47: Is your Facebook post missing a CALL TO ACTION?

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You and I both know that right now more than ever, people are in need. People are in crisis. Whether it’s an economic crisis, or an emotional crisis, or a health crisis, or something else – there are a lot of people out there in your community that need you now more than ever. They need assistance from your organization. They need your help. They need your support. They need your kindness and compassion.

So how do you tell them that you’re here for them? How do you let them know you’ve got their back – you’re here to help them. You want to help them. You are able, ready and willing to help them. How do you tell them that?

Well, for starters, you keep posting on Facebook and Instagram twice a week – but what is the most important part of that Facebook or Instagram post?  

A call to action.

They want you to tell them what to do next. And so, you tell them something like this: 

“Text us now at 555-555-1234” 

“Make an appointment online at”

“Call us today at 555-555-1234” 

That’s all a call to action is. It’s telling someone how to get ahold of you. They need you, and it’s up to you to tell them how to get ahold of you.

I know, using a call to action can be really uncomfortable. You might feel like you don’t need one, or it feels like it’s not your style, or it’s pushy… 

There are a lot of reasons you might skip a call to action:

- You forgot

- You feel uncomfortable

- You don’t want to be “salesy” or slimy 

- You don’t want to be pushy

- You don’t know how or what to say

- No confidence that it’s the right thing to do

- Not confident that your product will help them

- Thinking, “I’m not depending on God if I’m asking, I should just let God send me who he wants to put in my way”

Or there could be other reasons.

Here’s the honest truth…  If figuring out where to find your organization’s phone number or your website is too hard or time consuming, or it’s not clear what you can help them with, then the people you want to serve will just scroll on by because they don’t know that you want to serve them…

By using a call to action, are you manipulating people? No. You’re not telling them, “You better call us… OR ELSE!!!”

By using a call to action, are you pressuring people? No. You’re giving people your contact information. If you knew your new friend really needed your help, would you just say, “Let me know if I can help” and then walk away? Or would you say, “Let me help – Call me, here’s my phone number!”

If you were pushy, or manipulating, you’d be like an unrelenting robocaller – not interested in the person’s needs, just wanting to wear them down so they’ll buy.  See? That’s not what you’re doing at all.  You’re not being pushy! 

You’re just helping the person who needs your help cross the bridge to a better place. 

Imagine your organization is a beautiful glowing island in the middle of the ocean with white sandy beaches and palm trees swaying in the cool tropical breezes – tell people how to get a boat ticket there! Tell people how they can get to the island! Your island is relief for them. Your island is where they want and need to go. So, use a call to action – every single time in your Facebook and Instagram posts. You’re not being pushy or salesy. 

You’re helping. You’re validating them and telling them it’s OK to call – and you’re making it easy for them by giving them the phone number or your website right then and there. 

You might be like, “Lauren, I already know what a call to action is.”

But here’s my question for you – are you using one in ALL of your Facebook or Instagram posts? Ask yourself, what is the point of your posting? Is it just to post for the sake of posting? 

Or is it for something else… Something MORE MEANINGFUL? Is it to encourage people to use your services? To showcase your service or product so people will be better after they get help from you? 

If you are posting meaningful things that describe your services – that are telling people about your organization - on Facebook and Instagram, that’s the first part! Great! 

Now, you need to let people know what to do next when they find out you can help them. Give them that phone number! Give them that website! It will be a welcomed relief for the person who is searching for help. Remember – they might be feeling lost, overwhelmed, tired, hopeless – they need your help. Don’t make them hunt for the details about how to contact you. Make it easy!  They will be so grateful they found you and you’ll feel fulfilled that you helped another person!

Let’s talk about how to come up with a good call to action. A good call to action has to satisfy these two requirements:

  1. It has to be easy to use for the person you want to serve – your simple phone number, or your website. Don’t make them send you a carrier pigeon or smoke signals to contact you.
  2. It has to be a method that you are going to monitor. If you tell people to call you and you give them your phone number, you have to answer the phone, check the messages, and return calls. If you tell people to make an appointment online on your website or email, then you need to check your emails and confirm those appointments. You have to pay close attention to the outlet that you are giving people to contact you.

Come up with ONE call to action, and then use it repeatedly! Here’s my favorite call to action that I use all the time for one of my clients… I’m going to give it to you so you can just copy it. It works. Ready? This is what I write at the end of every Facebook and Instagram post for this client:

We're here - how can we help? Call us at *Agatha’s Angels at 555-555-1234 or make an appointment online at *

*Name changed

Now see? That doesn’t feel salesy, or slimy or pushy, does it? Just tell people the truth – you’re here for them and this is the best way to get ahold of you. That’s all a call to action is!

Make it easy for people to use your service. Don’t make them hunt to figure out the details. It is so frustrating when we want to buy something or go somewhere or use a service, but we can’t figure out HOW! We need direction! If we don’t have direction, we won’t take action. We’ll just keep scrolling. 

Challenge: Come up with a call to action and then use that same one for your next 3 Facebook or Instagram posts.

I just want you to remember, you have such a good heart for serving others who need you, and you are making a difference in their lives. You can take on these challenges because it’s worth it to see people’s lives changed for the better. You are strong enough, you are smart enough, and you have the courage. Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it is acting IN SPITE OF IT! YOU ARE DOING GREAT! If you have those feelings of “feeling pushy,” be courageous my friend – take one small step out of your comfort zone today – do it for the person who needs your help. 

And you’ll both feel good about it!

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