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Episode 4:  What's Your Brand?

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Today, we’re talking about branding your nonprofit organization

We see “brands” 10,000 times a day, we know what they are, but building a brand can be confusing when you’re first starting out. 

Your brand should state a clear message about what your nonprofit does, so it’s easy for people to understand what you will do for them. That will be what attracts them to your service or product. 

So, wait, what IS BRANDING? Well, in a nutshell…

Branding is the consistent use of distinct elements related to your nonprofit organization.

In today’s episode, I’m going to give you concrete examples of brands that have clear messages and that are easy for people to identify. 

AND I’ve got a super fun BRANDING QUIZ – it’s an easy journal exercise - that will help you decipher, step by step what your brand is and what you want it to be.  


After doing your best to answer the questions, you’ll have strong, descriptive words and ideas that will help you define your brand. Use it for the people you serve, for your supporters, volunteers and grant readers, too!  

Some FUN things you can design/choose for your brand elements: 

  • Name of your nonprofit – if you don’t have one already
  • Logo for your nonprofit
  • Colors and accent colors – get out the Crayola box!
  • Fonts – are there a million different fonts to choose from or what?!

What happens if…

Maybe you need to change the name, or colors or update your logo because you’re realizing it ISN’T doing your brand justice, or it’s confusing. Change things if you have to, make the change once, and move on.

Remember to download today’s FREE journal exercise that will help you identify your brand.

And one more thing – If you’re going through all this branding and social media journey alone – it can be a lot more fun with a friend or a trusted volunteer by your side. Invite that person to listen to this podcast so you can be on the same wavelength in managing your nonprofit’s social media. 

Click here to download easy peasy STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS on how to make someone an administrator for your nonprofit’s Facebook page:

 Questions? I’d love to hear them so we can address them in future episodes! I absolutely LOVE hearing from you. Get in touch by clicking here:

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And of course, you can always listen right here on the website, too!

I just want to remind you, especially if you’re just starting off, YOU GOT THIS! You CAN DO THIS! And I’m going to be here to help you along the way!

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