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Episode 38: Lauren Answers Your Questions

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In today’s episode I’m answering your questions about Snapchat, birthday fundraisers on Facebook…and more!

If YOU have a question you’d like me to answer, send me an email– just click on contact, or you can always send me a message on Facebook or Instagram.

Here’s the first question…

Question: I know people have different opinions about this, but how many hashtags do you recommend an organization typically use on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked In for our posts? 

Answer: Well, you’re right - there are differences in opinion on the topic of hashtags! It varies depending on which platform you’re using.

On Instagram, there is a 30-hashtag limit on a post. You’ll have to experiment to find out what works for you. Try using 10 hashtags, 20, or 30 hashtags and then look at the insights for that post to see what your numbers tell you. Every audience is different.

Personally, I’ve seen using 30 hashtags gets me more engagement and more views on my Instagram posts. 

TIP: Always use relevant hashtags to the topic to make it easier for your audience to find posts. 

On Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn: you might use the “less is more” approach. Use 1 or 2 hashtags for those platforms. 

Make them relevant to your post: For a post about Veterans Day, your hashtag could be #VeteransDay or if you’re posting about a festival, your hashtag could be a twist on the name of the festival like #SpringfieldFallFest.

Using a hashtag specific to your organization or your brand? Be consistent and use the same hashtag repeatedly. That makes your hashtags effective.


Question: I have been asked to use certain sponsors’ hashtags in addition to all our own when posting. To be clear, the sponsor hashtags aren’t relevant to all posts, but I have been asked to use them.

We have five of our own hashtags we currently reference on all posts without even including sponsors (which can add six to ten more. I feel all the hashtags are overkill and may bog the post down.

I know you can use up to 30, some folks suggest just six at most, but Facebook says sometimes six is too much and it should not be more than two.

What say you?

Answer: Use as few of the sponsor hashtags as you can and put them at the very bottom of your post.

For Instagram, leave your multitude of hashtags as a comment below your post – it’ll keep things looking clean. With your hashtags in the Instagram comment section when it posts to Facebook simultaneously all those hashtags don’t show. 

If you want to see how well your hashtags are working for your posts, check out Episode 12: How Many People Have REALLY Seen Your Post? 


Question: Lauren, how can we get more people to have birthday fundraisers on Facebook for our nonprofit?

Answer: Birthday fundraisers on Facebook are a nice idea. Make sure you message the people setting up the fundraiser and get their address so you can send them a handwritten thank you note. Be grateful.

There are two reasons you don’t want to depend on Birthday Fundraisers. 

  1. They don’t build a relationship with donors. Relationship is the most important thing for fundraising. In a birthday fundraiser on your behalf, you only form a real relationship with the host of the birthday fundraiser, but not with the people who donate to the fundraiser.

    The key to WHY people donate and continue to donate is that they know, like and trust you. Relationships build the “know, like and trust factor.”

  2. No customer service: Facebook doesn’t have a customer service hotline where you can just call and resolve an issue. Facebook has glitches. There are lots of stories out there about people not being able to receive their money from fundraisers. You wouldn’t want your donors to give thinking their money is being put to good use, but it winds up in Facebook limbo instead, would you?

Here’s what you can do instead of a Facebook fundraiser - focus time planning and preparing for your next real-life, non-Facebook fundraiser. Stay in touch with your donors via your email newsletter. Nurturing that relationship with your donors over time will pay off in the end – better and more sustainably than any Facebook birthday fundraiser.

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Question: Lauren, I’ve seen pictures of you and your mom together on Instagram, both of your skin is amazing – what’s the secret?? Don’t say good genes. 

Answer: Hahaha! Oh geez…I can’t speak for my mom, but for me…

I just drink an utterly ridiculous amount of water. I live at high altitude where there are practically negative humidity levels year-round, and I’m pretty sure if I wasn’t constantly hydrating, I might shrivel up and blow away like a dried leaf. 

I also take a daily multivitamin – just a women’s formula – and I try to get enough sleep and eat healthy. 

I did just start using an oil and a moisturizer by a company called Pai – it’s made for super sensitive skin, which I have – and I really like it so far. 

But really, I think water and sleep are probably the two most important factors. Since my skin is so sensitive - I can’t use a lot of products because almost everything causes a bad reaction, so I take care of my skin from “the inside out” and take a lifestyle-based approach.

From my mom: Thanks to whoever made that comment! 

Yes! Drinking lots of water is important. 

But another thing is that I’ve always washed my face at night. When I was young, I used a soap like Dove and as we had more money, I used higher priced face cleansers-drug store and more upscale products. I think the important thing is having a clean face when you go to bed because it’s a great way to have a long time of rest for your face. 

I live in the Deep South, so there’s lots of humidity and that always helps. 

When I was a kid, we went water skiing every weekend with no sunscreen – yikes – but here I am with the skin I have, so I do have to say genes has some to do with it. 

The main thing is to take basic care of your face – keep it clean, moisturized, drink lots of water.


Question: Hi Lauren – I manage Facebook and Instagram accounts for our nonprofit. Do I need to be on more social media platforms than that? People always say Snapchat is where the young people are and that’s who we’re trying to reach, but I have no idea how to use it and honestly, I don’t have time to do more than what I’m already doing with Facebook and Instagram. What do you think? Do I need to be on Snapchat or something else besides Facebook and Instagram?

Answer: We’ve all heard people say “all the young people are on Snapchat” – and they might be, but most of them are also on Instagram and yes, even Facebook. 

Your nonprofit should have an active presence on Facebook and Instagram, and if you have time for other platforms, that’s a bonus. It’s hard managing a multitude of social media platforms, and if you want to do it well, you want to make sure you’re not spreading yourself too thin.

Do what you can focus on and do that well. Remember, showing up for your audience consistently and meaningfully – being extra clear about what you have for them and want them to do is what matters most. 

TIP: Find out where your people spend time on social media and put your mind at rest. This will help you figure out where your social media priorities should be…

On a little slip of paper, copy and paste the following question as many times as you can and cut it into strips. Repeat as often as necessary. 

When the people you serve come through your door, give them a little survey. Here’s the question:

“Which social media do you use the most?” 

Then, collect survey responses for 6-8 weeks and tally the answers. You’ll get a great picture of what social media they’re using and where you need to be focusing your efforts. 

Notice that the question isn’t “Do you use Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat?” Make sure to leave the survey an open-ended question so they can answer what comes to their mind first. This is the question: “Which social media do you use the most?” 

You can do this at events or when you speak – you get the idea. Do this and I promise, it will help you find out where your people spend the most time on social media.

If you have any questions – I’m right here for you! Ask away! Send me a message on Facebook or Instagram or send me an email and I’ll happily write you back with an answer! Or or get episodes delivered straight to your email by subscribing at

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