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Episode 2:  Anatomy of a Good Post

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In today’s episode, we’re talking about The Anatomy of a Good Post - what makes a quality Facebook or Instagram post – and why it matters!

I hear this a lot from nonprofits and small business owners… They know they need to be posting, but they don’t know what to say or how to say it – and how to make it look GOOD! So we are breaking it down to the basics today, making this easy for you. It’s a simple equation…

A clear, concise message, plus a visual component, plus a call to action equals a good post.

If you’re like – “Ummm, what?” let’s break it down even further…

Loud and clear text + good picture = good post!

We are breaking down each of these elements into steps today, so you can build a strong foundation and cultivate good social media practices that will help you build your following.

I’m going to be right here with you holding your hand through this process –and just remember, if this is all brand new to you - YOU GOT THIS! You CAN do this!

A few things we talked about today:

  • Presenting a professional, consistent presence with these kinds of posts is good for building your reputation and credibility as an organization. 
  • On Facebook and Instagram, people want to like, comment and share on visually stimulating things they are proud to stand behind – and that other people are liking, commenting and sharing, too.
  • Likes, comments and shares help your post be seen by a larger audience. 
  • Give people social media posts they want to show off to their friends and be able to confidently say, “Hey look, this is something I’m a part of – and you should be too!” 

Keys to a clear and concise message: 

  • Pay attention to the details.
  • Aim your posts at your audience – Ask “WHO CARES?”
  • Length – think Goldilocks!

Keys to the oh so important visual component:

  • Only use photos you have permission to use like the pictures on
  • Use your own photos! Be sure it’s a large size, the lighting is good – experiment with editing photos on your phone.
  • Use photos your audience can relate to – remember to ask, “who cares?” 

Keys to a call to action: 

  • Give your audience a prompt at the end of your post. 
  • Use action words. 
  • Follow those action words up with a way for people to take action like a phone number, an email address or a link to your website.
  • On Instagram, paste the link you want to share on your profile and in your post, use the words, “LINK IN BIO” to direct people there.
    • Don’t include links in your Instagram posts – they won’t work. 

Here’s a sample post to give you a tangible example of these keys at work:

(If the image is not visible, click here to view image of sample post.)


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